Atlantic heat pump water heaters with Odysseo 2

Atlantic heat pump water heater with Odysseo 2

A modern solution

Odysseo 2 features a heat pump that uses the calories in the ambient air to heat water. This is a very modern solution, reflecting Atlantic’s expertise to provide the most effective energy and environmental performance.

  • Optimum Comfort
  • Premium design
  • Environmental friendly
  • Good value for money
  • Capacity: 270 l – enough to meet the hot water requirements of families comprising 2 to 6 people
  • Economy: hot water is generated from free energy – ambient air – using the heat pump unit. This unit draws heat from the air and amplifies it to heat the water
  • System efficiency (COP): 3.8 kWh of energy generated for each 1 KWh of electricity used
  • Environment: Odysséo 2 uses the heat contained in the air, a renewable and clean form of energy. It releases up to 10 times fewer greenhouse gases than a system that runs on fossil fuels (gas and domestic heating oil)
  • Minimal noise level: 37dB(A)
  • Environmentally-friendly, polystyrene-free packaging
  • Comfort: the heat pump operates by default. Electrical heating only takes over automatically if the heat pump cannot provide enough heat. The electronic control system is developed by Atlantic and provides the best levels of comfort.
  • Ceramic heating element housed in an enamelled sleeve
  • Performance:
- tank heating time for the heat pump < 8 hours
- water can be heated to up to 62°C
- ATLANTIC exclusivity: equipped with the Anti-Corrosion Integrated (ACI) system to provide maximum corrosion protection for the tank.
This product is not suitable for all countries: please contact us for further information.