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Atlantic water heater technology: ACI (anti-corrosion integrated system) | Atlantic comfort
  • Titanium anode: ACI technology
The Anti-Corrosion Integrated (ACI) system provides maximum protection for the tank with a titanium anode located at the centre of the appliance. In contrast with standard magnesium anodes, this anode is wear-free. It is driven by an electronic PCB board that produces a direct electric current protecting it against corrosion.
An indicator light shows the user that the ACI system is in use.
  • Ceramic heating element

The ceramic heating element is a heating element protected by an enamelled steel sleeve. This sleeve has a large heat exchange surface, which reduces scale deposit and heating noise. In addition to being extremely efficient, the ceramic heating element is particularly well suited to hard or aggressive water. Its replacement does not require the water heater to be drained, a genuine bonus for professionals and private individuals.
Atlantic water heater technology: Steatite | Atlantic comfort
Steatite technology ensures extra lifetime for the heating element

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