picto Atlantic Geolia
Ground source heat pump Atlantic Geolia
picto Atlantic Geolia
Ground source heat pump

Perfect solution for all geothermal projects.

5 models: 5 to 17 kW
Refrigerant : R410A

With Atlantic Geolia,  use the energy of the earth for your everyday comfort!
Installed indoor of the housing, the Atlantic Geolia heat pump receives calories from the ground with its collectors, and use them to heat the house and, if needed, to produce domestic hot water. 
Insensitive to outdoor temperature variations, Atlantic Geolia has a high stability of its performance, which allows it to have 60°C* (depending on models and type of collectors) of flow temperature and an efficiency up to 233%.



> Compatible with all types of collectors (horizontal, vertical, groundwater)
> Seasonal energy efficiency up to A+++
> Intuitive control and simplified use with NAVISTEM 200S control system


How to choose your Heat pump
Atlantic gives you the key information you need in order to select the heat pump corresponding to your exact need.
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> Perfect solution for all geothermal projects

> 5 models: 5 to 17 kW

> Single-phase or three-phase models

> Heating only


> 2 zones kit (plug-and-play)

> Cooling kit

> Boiler connection kit

> Separate DHW tank

> Room controller

picto Technical Data

R410A factory loadg900
Amount of fluid expressed in CO₂ equivalentt2
Energy class - Heating (35°C/55°C) - Pure waterA+++ / A+++
Rated heat output (35°C/55°C) - Pure waterkW8 / 8
Seasonal energy efficiency - Heating (35°C/55°C) - Pure water%213 / 153
Annual energy consumption - Heating (35°C/55°C) - Pure waterkWh3138 / 3973
Energy class - Heating (35°C/55°C) - BrineA++ / -
Rated heat output (35°C/55°C) - brinekW6 / -
Seasonal energy efficiency - Heating (35°C/55°C) - Brine%157 / -
Annual energy consumption - Heating (35°C/55°C) - brinekWh3369 / -
Acoustic level (indoor)dB(A)56
Heating capacity +10°C +7°C/+30°C +35°C - Underfloor heatingkW7.14
Cop +10°C+7°C/+30°C +35°C - PCR4.86
Heating capacity +10 °C+7°C/+40°C +45°C - Low T° radiatorskW6.62
Cop +10°C +7°C/+40°C +45°C - Low T° radiators3.81
eating capacity +10°C +7°C/+47°C +55°C - Low T° radiatorskW6.57
Cop +10°C +7°C/+47°C +55°C - Low T° radiators3.26
Heating capacity +0°C -3°C+30°C +35°C - Underfloor heatingkW5.64
Cop +0°C -3°C/+30°C +35°C - Underfloor heating3.94
Heating capacity +0°C -3°C/+40°C +45°C - Low T° radiatorskW5.13
Cop +0°C -3°C/+40°C +45°C - Low T° radiators3.09
Heating capacity +0°C -3°C/+47°C +55°C - Low T° radiatorskW-
Cop +0°C -3°C/+47°C +55°C - Low T° radiators-
Additional electric back-upkW4.5 (3 steps of 1.5 kW)
Power supply230 V / 50 Hz
Noise leveldB(A)49
Net weight/filled weightkg140 / 145