Proji-PAC 4

Your design assistant tool! In order to assist you in your various projects, Atlantic provides you with Proji-PAC 4 software. This tool allows you to estimate your design projects as accurately as possible, but also to save your precious time.

What is Proji-PAC 4?

In preparation for project, it’s important to start with designing the heat pump. This design study will help your customer avoid overconsumption and ensure them optimal day-to-day comfort.

Our Proji-PAC 4 design assistant tool helps you carry out a prospective study simply and reliably, all in less than five minutes! Using frame and installation configuration data, it gives you the appropriate heat pump solution for your customer.

The result: you save time and increase your chances of signing new heat pump projects.

Features of Proji-PAC 4

1- 4 methods for calculating heat loss
2- The option to conduct a cold assessment
3- A detailed report, together with a complete, tailor-made estimate that you can share with your customer with one click
4- Tutorials included in the software
to help you get started!

How to sign up for Proji-PAC 4


Connect to  from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You only need your login details (email address and personal password) to sign up for Proji-PAC 4 Account.