How to choose your ventilation system

How to find your way around the ventilation systems?

It is impossible to ignore ventilation during energy-efficiency improvements or LCB and passive house construction. However, how to determine, among the numerous available systems, the one better suited to your needs? We help you make the right choice in the following sections! 




There is no serious energy-efficiency improvements or new building construction without ventilation system. Especially as it greatly improves the isolation and air tightness of the building. Why ventilate? For your health and comfort! Indeed, a ventilation system ensures the air renewal and stale air extraction. It guarantees the hygiene of your home, prevents moisture development, contributes to energy savings and complies with safety criteria: air supply and extraction for heating appliances, firefighting and acoustic comfort standards.


In existing constructions, the design and installation of a ventilation system is more complex than in new ones. It requires a serious assessment of the existing situation. Depending on the type of dwelling, house or apartment, the solutions will not be the same. If there is already a ventilation system, its performance must be evaluated. This study will allow to assess the thermal behaviour of the project. What are the heat losses? Which are related to the ventilation system? How does the building behave during the summer season? Etc. It is the only way to validate the ventilation solution for its potential impact on energy consumption and air exchange rate. Good to know: a ventilation system improperly sized, where the airflow is too high, will lead to overconsumption.


Four options are possible: controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) single flow hygro-adjustable or not, dual flow CMV, thermodynamic water heater on dumped air or even distributed mechanical ventilation.

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