picto Smart heaters & remote piloting : Cozytouch
Heating Technologies Smart heaters & remote piloting : Cozytouch
picto Smart heaters & remote piloting : Cozytouch

Connecting the user’s home to intelligent & remote piloting


Through the Cozytouch application, control your compatible appliances and adjust their settings to get optimal comfort.

With Cozytouch; you achieve appliances real-time monitoring (temperature setting, electric consumption view, operation, management, detections, etc.) making your home more intelligence, and tailoring your every-day comfort, security and energy savings to your standard.

Comfort and savings management from a tablet or a smartphone, the user being at home or outside

Remotely and simultaneously manage several appliances in the different rooms of your home. Through Cozytouch, the appliances communicate with each other adjusting their settings according to your comfort requirements.

Innovative and powerful, Cozytouch can manage Atlantic compatible heating, water heating and ventilation products.

« Thanks to the latest Atlantic research, saving energy and money has become easy and accessible from anywhere! »

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With Cozytouch, the appliances can be remotely supervised, in order to achieve both optimum comfort and maximum energy savings.

User-friendly solution, Cozytouch smartphone or tablet application allows you to easily synchronise all your compatible appliances, follow their daily energy consuming and control their settings.

Strong on user data protection, Cozytouch works with a secure key commands authentication and safely manages your products related data, and habits parameters.

« Our comfort and energy saving technologies are among the best-performing worldwide! »

Main technical features:

  • Appliances real-time monitoring: temperature settings, electric consumption view, operation management, open/ close window and absence/ presence detections, smart pilot function setting, detailed programming
  • Day by day free distance piloting and programming (fine-tuned programming down to 30 minutes periods precision)
  • Compatible with Atlantic Maradja smart pilot IO & Tatou digital IO heating panels, Optimocozy ventilation system, Explorer heat pump water heater
  • Works with IO-Homecontrol protocol
  • Robust and compliant with CE regulation EN 300-220