picto Corflow
picto Corflow

Indirect and combi calorifier with coil exchanger.Diamond-quality enamel. 4 models available.

  • Enamelled steel tank with 8 bar working pressure
  • Enamelled steel coil
  • Temperature controls (sensors and thermometers)
  • Adjustable feet (included)
  • Heating Element : CoiExchanger
  • External jacket SNC (soft PU): high density insulation foam 100 mm
  • Insulation of the base inside the tank
  • Magnesium anode 200 g/m2
  • 1” 1/4 drain at the lowest point on a Ø 112 mm removable flange
  • Blind trilobal thermowells with thermal paste for temperature sensor
  • Ø 112 mm flange or Ø 400 mm manhole with insulation
  • Risers for drain connection
  • Lifting rings
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