picto Optimocosy HR PLUS
Dual flow ventilation Optimocosy HR PLUS
picto Optimocosy HR PLUS

Dual-flow heat recovery ventilation system with remote control through a smartphone or a tablet

Silent thanks to a reinforced sound insulation, and remotely programmable from a tablet or a smartphone, this high-end dual flow ventilation system is the perfect choice to maintain a healthy air quality.

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Up to 91% recovery of the air energy

Maximum return on heat recovery: high performance heat exchanger

Possibility of distant and intuitive piloting through smartphone or tablet via Cozytouch application (Cozybridge included)

Quiet operation with reinforced insulation

Exclusive CO2 Sensor for optimized indoor air quality

Programming linked to the user’s life rhythm & automatic modulation depending on occupation

Summer comfort: nocturnal air cooling thanks to the automatic bypass

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