picto Primocosy HR BP
Dual flow ventilation Primocosy HR BP
picto Primocosy HR BP

Ventilation system for optimum comfort and a healthy home

Integrating a high efficiency exchanger, Primocosy HR BP will recover up to 90% of thermal energy from extracted air, allowing you to achieve significant energy savings.

Remotely programmable, it will adjust to your air quality standards.


• The heat exchanger recovers up to 90% of thermal energy from extracted air

• Suits all types of dwellings with 1-4 bathrooms/toilets plus up to 7 other rooms

• Compact product and standardized pipes sizes for simplified installation and maintenance

• Radio remote switch (Primocosy HR BP SRI model only)

• Adapted to low temperature environments with exchanger automatic defrost mode

• Summer comfort: nocturnal air cooling thanks to the manual