picto Doris Digital
picto Doris Digital

Doris Digital is a beautifully designed bathroom radiator with many practical functionalities. With 2 models and 9 colors, Doris Digital meets anyone's needs and brings you an optimum comfort.

3CS technology
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To perfectly integrate in your bathroom, Doris Digital proposes a choice of 9 colors without compromising on fulfilling your comfort expectation thanks to models with and without fan.

Doris Digital uses a heat conducting fluid circulating in the tubes and large towel rails for a better efficiency. It brings a fast and gentle warmth for an optimum comfort. Fitted with 3CS technology, this bathroom radiator is the perfect solution for towel warming, towel drying and bathroom heating.

Doris Digital can be equipped with a 1000 W turbo fan heater providing extra power and heating boost when required.

In addition, Doris Digital is quite user-friendly with a new ergonomic LCD digital controls and integrated programming, this bathroom radiator will maximize your energy savings up to 25% (compared with a mechanical model).

Doris Digital, by combining elegance, simplicity and efficiency, is a very good value for money.

Doris is available in 100% electric, mixed and water filled versions.

Lastly, Doris Digital is ready for the new ErP regulation on electric heating products.


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