picto Sensium
picto Sensium

Sensium is a modern bathroom radiator with outstanding design and subdued ligh. Highly aesthetic, it is also equipped with the latest technologies such as integrated HD sound and home automation for your comfort as well as your energy savings. 

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With Sensium, Atlantic has combined French elegance with cutting edge technology to upscale your comfort in the bathroom.

A large heating area brings fast and gentle warmth for optimal comfort and towel drying. Available in black and white, its design will bring sophistication to your bathroom. Its boost mode and drying mode will contribute to bringing further comfort.

Sensium is equipped with Atlantic latest technologies for achieving energy savings. Its smart control function combined with its presence/light/humidity detection functions will allows you to achieve energy savings up to 45%.  

Sensium is also equipped with home automation functionalities and HD-sound audio-system. So you can control it remotely through a smartphone or a tablet, to listen to music and to program it to further achieve energy savings.


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