picto Timelis Chrome
picto Timelis Chrome

Timelis Chrome is a superb appliance gifted with a beautiful contemporary chrome design. Thanks to its digital user-friendly remote control, triple comfort system (3CS) and smart functions, Timelis Chrome matches your requirements, while bringing an optimum comfort with up to 15% of energy savings!

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Timelis Chrome is the product of a long tradition of excellence and technical innovation led by Atlantic, the renowned French brand specialized in heating systems and authentic comfort.

The heat conducting fluid, circulating in all the tubes, brings your bathroom a rapid and gentle warmth diffusion for an excellent comfort, while drying several towels.

In a few words, Timelis Chrome is an elegant, fast heating and powerful bathroom radiator and towel dryer, which combines premium design and efficiency!

Gifted with a contemporary chrome design, Timelis Chrome adds a nice touch of style to your bathroom. It is easy to install with a plug located at about 30 cm from the bottom of the radiator.

Moreover, Timelis Chrome is fitted with the triple comfort system innovation (3CS). It brings simultaneous heating of towels and room through lateral and frontal heat diffusion.

You will enjoy its interesting features such as a digital electronic thermostat, a programmable remote control, an Eco mode, etc. They make Timelis Chrome quite user-friendly and cost saving.

By combining elegance, modernity and efficiency, Timelis Chrome is an excellent choice for your bathroom!


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