Bathroom radiators Nefertiti

Nefertiti is both aesthetic and convenient with a large choice of colors and side openings and removable hooks for hanging towels and bathrobes. Full of smart functionalities and quite aesthetic, it will surprise you.

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With Nefertiti the words French design take on their full meaning. Available in nine colors, it will harmoniously fit into your bathroom.

A large heating area brings fast and gentle warmth for optimal comfort and towel drying. Its fan and swivelling with fan models provide extra power and heating boost when required. More over, its side openings enable you to hang your towels very easily.

Nefertiti, by combining efficiency, convenience, power and a matchless charm, constitutes an excellent option for your bathroom.

Depending on the model, Nefertiti can be either 100% electric or mixed since it is compatible with boiler installations.

In winter time, Nefertiti dual energy models work from your central heating system and in summer time, or when you need extra heating power, the electric fan and swivelling fan models operate.

Its control panel, including an electronic thermostat, can be managed through a smart remote control with LCD screen, shower mode and intuitive navigation. It makes Nefertiti quite user-friendly.

Lastly, Nefertiti, depending on the model, has a number of great features such as, a room temperature sensor, a turbo fan heater, a conveniently removable dust filter, a timer, etc.

Technical Data

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