picto Alfea Hybrid Duo Gas
Combi heat pumps Alfea Hybrid Duo Gas
picto Alfea Hybrid Duo Gas

Split-system heat pump inverter with built-in gas burner: a multi-energy high-temperature hybrid technology.

This is the high temperature solution for replacements where water temperature requirements may be up to 80°C. Alféa Hybrid Duo Gas includes a heat pump exchanger, an auxiliary condensing gas boiler and a hot water tank with in its hydraulic module. This combination meets the most demanding installation requirements.

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• 120L enamelled steel DHW storage tank included, meeting domestic hot water needs of a 6-person family

• High temperature solution (80°C) for renovation projects

• COP: up to 4.29 (+7°C / +35°C)

• Ergonomic control: scheduled programming system for less energy consumption & two independent circuits control

• NAVISTEM 200S regulator

• Improved heat pump performance at low temperature

• Easy installation and maintenance : hinged heating element access panel, accessible components, maintenance platform integrated in burner

• Patented coaxial heat exchanger

• Inverter regulation

• Class A low energy consumption circulation pump

• Innovation with Alfea Hybrid Duo Gas R models: New control option allowing energy cost input to optimise heating with more energy savings

• Cooling mode