picto Loria Duo
picto Loria Duo

A Complete and simple solution for new build projects

The Loria range offers the best possible performance with a small footprint, thanks to optimised design and control performance together with a compact plate heat exchanger and integrated domestic hot water tank. As a plus, it has an ergonomic design fitting in small spaces.

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  • COP of up to 4.96
  • Up to A+++ (ERP regulation)
  • Integrated DHW storage tank (190L) with coil and electric back-up
  • Full Inverter regulation
  • Low energy consumption circulation pump
  • Navistem 100H interface
  • Built-in auxiliary electrical back-up as standard
  • Possibility of 2 heating zones
  • Magnetic mud filter
  • Hinged electric cabinet to access internal components for easy maintenance