picto Alfea Excellia
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picto Alfea Excellia

High performance renovation solution

With a flow temperature of 60°C at an outdoor temperature of up to -20°C, Alféa Excellia has a new electronic interface for fine tuning the thermodynamic cycle components (expansion vessel twin-rotary, re-injection compressor, patented coaxial heat exchanger). Alféa Excellia thus generates a high water temperature while maintaining its rated power level even when outdoor temperatures are low.

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• COP : up to 4.3 (+7°C / +35°C)

• Compatible with all kinds of low temperature transmitters (underfloor heating/cooling, fan coil)

• Intuitive control and simplified use

• NAVISTEM 200S regulator

• Perfect solution for high heating demand

• 16L buffer tank integrated

• Patented coaxial heat exchanger

• Inverter regulation

• Class A low energy consumption circulation pump

• Possibility to manage an electric radiator heating zone from the heat pump control panel (optional)