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picto Panama Access
Fan coil for heating and cooling

Panama Access is a modern, eco-friendly and economic panel heater also able to refresh a room! It is equipped with smart electronic controls and can be connected to a heat pump for maximizing energy savings.

It brings homogeneous heat diffusion and fast temperature rise for genuine comfort. Moreover, Panama Access is the most silent product of its type on the market. This characteristic increases even more your comfort level.



> Innovative solution for domestic thermal confort on hydraulic circuit
> Heating and cooling functions if connected to reversible heat pump
> Electric heating film in the front panel
> Integrated thermostat

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Atlantic, the renowned French brand specialized in thermal comfort solutions, has conceived with Panama Access a superb equipment!

Panama Access has an interesting dual capability with its heating and cooling functions. A Comfort mode is associated with the front heating panel, whereas an Eco mode is only working on renewable energy for more energy savings. Panama Access is optimized to be functioning with a heat pump system.

Its efficient electronic controls automatically adapts to refreshing or heating mode, according to the heat pump configuration, in order to provide an unmatched comfort.

With numerous functions, intuitively managed via a digital display control panel, Panama Access is a pleasant and easy-to-use radiator.

Very secured, Panama Access is available in severalpower outputs to address anyone's requirements.

If you wish to acquire a trendy, eco-friendly and economic panel heater also able to refresh a room, Panama Access is an excellent choice!

Panama Access benefits from a trendy design with slim and pure lines. It matches, with taste, any interior.

With Panama Access, the installation procedure is easy. The appliance comes with an H-shaped vertical support, which can also be used as an installation template.

You will be pleased to know that this panel heater automatically adapts the ventilator speed according to your comfort requirements!

Its optimized front heating panel can even replace the heat pump electric back-up system. Panama Access, when used with a heat pump is environment friendly. It consumes clean and renewable energy to achieve tremendous energy savings (up to 70%)!

Panama Access has several interesting features:low consumption ventilator, air filter, anti-staining process (ASP), etc.

Its functional digital control panel makes Panama Access quite user-friendly to operate daily.

picto Technical Data

Power supply voltageV/Ph/Hz230/1/50
Electrical insulation classII
Hydraulic connection2 male connections 1/2’
Water capacityl0.5
Condensates connectionInner diameter of 16 mm
Total powerW690
Air intake temperature°C20
Water flow ratel/h120
Load loss on waterkPa5.0
Total powerW470
Air intake temperature°C20
Water flow ratel/h166
Load loss on waterkPa7.4
Total powerW255
Air intake temperature°C20
Water flow ratel/h88
Load loss on waterkPa4.1
Total powerW320
Sensitive capacityW260
Air intake temperature°C/%27/50%
Water flow ratel/h136
Load loss on waterkPa6.0
Fan consumption (Vmin/ Vinter/Vmax)W3.2/5.4/10.2
On-board auxiliaryW120
Air flow ratem3/h150
Installation heightmm150
Net weight/package weightkg13.5/14.5