picto F19 Design
picto F19 Design

F19 Design is an active heat convector with modern design.

Gifted with a slim modern design , F19 Design is a new generation mechanical active heat convector. With a wide choice of powers and an enhanced multi-frequency thermostat for economical heating, F19 Design meets all your requirements!

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  • With F19 Design, Atlantic has designed a long lasting and rapid heating equipment. 
  • Its high-end modern design and sheathed heating element, with aluminum diffuser, offers rapid and homogeneous heat diffusion for excellent comfort.
  • Thanks to 5 output powers, F19 Design matches everyone's needs. If you want a reliable and safe active heat convector, F19 Design constitutes a good value for money and a smart option.
  • F19 Design is safe thanks to class II and IP24 protection, and dual electric insulation for ultimate protection.
  • Easy to install, it fits perfectly into any home. A standing kit with plug allows you to place it anywhere you wish.
  • This appliance has several practical functions such as, a room temperature sensor, an anti-tilt system, automatic over-heating device, etc.
  • It is user-friendly with a temperature control knob and on/off switch easily accessible and usable on its top rear side.
  • F19 Design is simply the easiest solution for room heating!

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