picto F617
picto F617

F167 is a traditional French active heat convector with user friendly controls.

F617 is part of a modern generation of active heat convectors and extremely user-friendly. A large choice of powers fitted with an accurate electronic thermostat allows F617 to match anyone's requirements!

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  • Atlantic has designed long lasting and fast heating equipment for the F617 active heat convector.
  • With an upper front panel air outlet grid and sheathed heating element, including aluminum diffuser, F617 offers a rapid and homogenous heat diffusion for better comfort.
  • Coming in 4 output powers, F617 will meet anyone's needs. If you are looking for a reliable and safe active heat convector, F617 is a good value for money and a great option.
  • F617 active heat convector is silent and compact with sober lines. Quite easy to install on the wall, it perfectly integrates into your home.
  • Thanks to the accurate electronic thermostat, you can control precisely the energy consumption and achieve savings.
  • F617 has several interesting features including: a room temperature sensor, a heating light indicator and lockable commands.
  • User-friendly, F617 comes with a practical control panel using control knob and a mode setting cursor on the top rear side.
  • Furthermore, F617 is ready for the new ErP regulation on electric heating products.
  • F617 active heat convector is one of the easiest and simplest room heating solutions!

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