picto Solius Ecodomo
picto Solius Ecodomo

Thanks to a powerful aluminium heating surface, Solius Ecodomo offers fast extensive heating and optimum comfort.

With integrated functions, it saves heating time and energy (by up to 30%*), and constitutes a good value for money.

*compared to a mechanical convector

Extensive heat panels working principle
Understanding their working principle
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Up to 30% energy savings
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  • By heating the air and walls in a consistent manner, Solius Ecodomo radiant panel heater guarantees safety, durability, silence and a fast heat diffusion for an ideal comfort.
  • This is achieved, in particular, by combining an efficient perforated frontal air outlet grid and a powerful black painted extruded aluminium heating element.
  • If you need a high-speed and cost-effective panel heater, Solius Ecodomo is the answer!
  • This silent modern slim-line design appliance takes place perfectly at home. Solius Ecodomo is designed to be in harmony with your interior.
  • Solius Ecodomo is full of smart features. It includes sensors for temperature, presence and windows opening, automatic ventilation, along with programs that achieve great cost and energy savings.
  • Its digital control panel, conveniently located, makes it very practical and easy to use.
  • Finally, with a version starting at 300 W, it is perfect for low-energy consumption homes.

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