picto Solius/Solius Wi-Fi
Extensive heat panel heaters Solius/Solius Wi-Fi
picto Solius/Solius Wi-Fi

Solius/Solius Wi-Fi is an extensive heat panel with weekly programming and homogeneous heat spread.

Thanks to its wide heating surface and its brand new extruded aluminum heating element, Solius offers an instantaneous feeling of warmth. It is cost effective, by saving heating time and energy (up to 25%*) thanks to Easy prog and its 2 modes.


*compared to a mechanical convector

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Up to 25% energy savings
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  • The very nature of Solius/Solius Wi-Fi extensive heat panel heater guarantees safety (class II, IP24 protection, over-heating safety device…), durability, silence and a gentle and even heat diffusion for an optimum comfort.

This extensive heat panel combines three elements:

  • wide perforated frontal air outlet
  • a powerful extruded aluminum heating element
  • user-friendly programming.

The new Wi-Fi connectivity of Solius/Solius Wi-Fi ensures:

  • Remote piloting via the Cozytouch application
  • Electricity consumption follow-up
  • Comfort and savings management
  • Programming modes
  • Thanks to Easy prog, you will maximize your energy savings (up to 25%*) by weekly programming your device according to your life rhythm.
  • Its user-friendly LCD digital display unit, showing temperature and active mode (Manual or Prog mode), is easily accessible and usable on the upper rear side.
  • If you are looking for a fast heating, cost effective and easy to use extensive heat panel heater, Solius/Solius Wi-Fi is a very good choice for all the family.
  • This modern slim-line design appliance will perfectly take place at home. Ideally installed in your kitchen or any corridor room, Solius is designed to be in harmony with your interior.
  • An optional smart standing kit with plug allows you to move it from one room to another as you like!
  • Furthermore, Solius is ready for the new ErP regulation on electric heating products.

*compared with a mechanical convector


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