picto Tatou Smart Pilot IO
Extensive heat panel heaters Tatou Smart Pilot IO
picto Tatou Smart Pilot IO

Tatou Smart Pilot IO is a multi-shape extensive heat panel with energy-saving functions.

With a premium French design, Tatou Smart Pilot IO is a marvel of technology that will never cease to please. Its smart functions offer fast extensive heating, optimum comfort and huge energy savings (by up to 45%*)!

Compatible with Cozytouch, you can remotely control it to achieve even greater energy savings.

*compared to a mechanical convector

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Up to 45% energy savings
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  • By heating the air and the walls, Tatou Smart Pilot IO panel heater guarantees efficiency, silence, fast and uniform heat diffusion for an ideal comfort.
  • Fast & uniform heat is achieved by combining an efficient perforated frontal air outlet grid, a powerful black painted extruded aluminum heating element, and wide heating surface.

Tatou Smart Pilot IO panel is equipped with two innovative functions:

  • Cozytouch: allows real-time monitoring and remote control of the appliance through a smartphone or a tablet
  • Smart function: the appliance learns your lifestyle and comfort requirements to ensure optimal comfort and energy savings

Tatou Smart Pilot IO is full of additional clever features such as:

  • anti-staining process (ASP)
  • electronic thermostat
  • windows opening and temperature sensors
  • integrated programming
  • This silent modern slim-line design appliance comes in standard and high models to adapt to any rooms.
  • Tatou Smart Pilot IO includes presence/absence and open/close window detectors and smart functions with memory learning of the habit parameters that will achieve major cost and energy savings.
  • The anti-tilt system and automatic overheating safety device provide critical protection from accidents plus Tatou Smart Pilot IO is ErP compliant.
  • If you are looking for a smart, cost-effective, high-speed and extensive heat panel heater, Tatou Smart Pilot IO is made for you!