picto Accessio
picto Accessio

Accessio is a user-friendly radiator for perception of comfort similar to central heating.

It is a modern, compact and silent gentle heat radiator built on digital controls. It includes an innovative thermofluid technology which provides fast heating with a gentle and homogeneous heat and energy savings by up to 25% compared to a mechanical convector.

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  • Through Accessio, Atlantic has achieved a perfect balance between efficiency and simplicity.
  • This radiator has been designed to integrate an inventive thermofluid technology. It ensures an even, constant and healthy heat diffusion, without drying the air, for a perfect comfort, similar to a central heating system.
  • Accessio also provides long-lasting heating after the radiator has been turned off.
  • Accessio is operated by electronic functions via a friendly and easy to use LCD digital control unit.
  • Perfectly secured, Accessio comes in several output powers to match everyone's requirements.
  • If you are looking for an efficient, modern and compact radiator to use in your living room or bedrooms, Accessio is an excellent choice.
  • Accessio is a silent and contemporary equipment with sober lines and a compact shape, blending easily into anyone's interior with taste.
  • Wall-mounted, Accessio is easy to install with its H-shaped vertical support, which is usable as an installation template.

Accessio has numerous great features:

  • electronically controlled thermostat
  • anti-staining process (ASP)
  • digital screen showing temperature and energy consumption
  • 2 modes, etc.
  • The thermofluid technology, accurate thermostat and programmed modes achieve up to 25% energy savings compared to a mechanical radiator.
  • With a practical LCD digital multifunction control display unit easily accessible and usable on the top of the appliance, Accessio is quite user-friendly.
  • Furthermore, Accessio is ready for the new ErP regulation on electric heating products.

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