picto Agilia IO
picto Agilia IO

Gifted with a slim and compact design and smart functions, Agilia IO brings you both comfort, space and energy savings. Thanks to Smart Pilot and Cozytouch, this elegant radiator will provide the best of comfort with significant cost and energy savings, by up to 45%!

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Up to 45% energy savings
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Atlantic, an expert French brand, has achieved, with Agilia IO, a compact, elegant and smart gentle heat radiator.

Agilia IO is equipped with an aluminium heating front film and an aluminium heating element that brings immediate and homogeneous gentle heat diffusion for a perfect comfort.

If you need a user-friendly, elegant, smart and compact radiator, Agilia IO appears to be a very good option.

Agilia IO is equipped with two innovative functions. Cozytouch allows real-time monitoring and remote piloting of the appliance through a smartphone or a tablet. With Smart pilot, the appliance learns your life rythm and comfort requirements, thanks to absence/presence detection, to drive optimal comfort and energy savings (up to 45% compared with a mechanical convector).

With two elegant models (horizontal and vertical), Agilia IO matches, with taste, everyone's interior decoration requirements. As compact as a convector, this appliance is a great space-savings solution.

Silent and easy to install, Agilia IO blends in perfectly with all types of environments.

Its user-friendly LCD digital display unit, showing temperature, energy consumption and active mode (Manual, Prog or Auto mode), is easily accessible and usable on the upper rear side.

Agilia IO has a full range of great features such as, an electronically controlled thermostat, an energy consumption indicator, an anti-staining process (ASP), a presence/absence sensor, an open/close windows detector, etc.

Furthermore, Agilia IO is ready for the new ErP regulation on electric heating products.

Finally, Agilia IO will meet your needs in term of comfort, energy and space savings!


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