picto Calissia IO
picto Calissia IO

Calissia IO is a modern, efficient and connected electric radiator. It is fitted with sophisticated electronic controls and a powerful heat capacity thanks to its cast iron heating element.

With Atlantic's Cozytouch and IO-Homecontrol® technology, opt for the connected radiator! Calissia IO is manageable remotely, adjusts to your lifestyle and can communicate with other appliances.

It brings you a gentle and continuous heat diffusion, a genuine invitation for cocooning.

Calissia IO is quite user-friendly to operate directly or remotely connected with its intuitive digital interfaces.

Calissia IO even enables up to 30% energy savings compared to a mechanical convector. 

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With Calissia IO, Atlantic, the expert French brand specialized in innovative thermal comfort solutions, has reached new heights!

From now on, Atlantic supplies its radiators with wireless connectivity option. Manage your thermal comfort remotely, with a smartphone or a tablet, as well as your absences and energy savings.

Calissia IO has a large heating surface area. Associated with smart sensors, it offers a gentle and continuous heat diffusion for optimal comfort. Calissia IO also supplies persistent heat long after being switched off.

Its numerous electronic functions, intuitively managed through a digital display unit (or remotely), make Calissia IO an easy-to-use radiator.

Very secured, Calissia IO has a vast choice of power outputs to address anyone's needs.

If you wish to purchase an elegant, connected, economic and efficient radiator, Calissia IO is an excellent option!

Calissia IO is a contemporary equipment with pure lines. It blends easily, with elegance, into every interior settings.

Available in two wall-mounted models (horizontal and vertical), Calissia IO is easy to install. It has an H-shaped vertical support, which can also be used as a template to put it in place.

Calissia IO comes with interesting functionalities: electronic thermostat, anti-staining process (ASP), windows open/closed detection sensors, consumption indicator, etc.

The combined electronic technology, efficient cast iron heating element and intelligent programmes achieve up to 30% energy savings. Its functional digital control panel or its remote management, via a tablet or a smartphone, make Calissia IO quite user-friendly to operate on a daily basis.

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