picto Galapagos Smart pilot IO
Gentle heat radiators Galapagos Smart pilot IO
picto Galapagos Smart pilot IO

You will enjoy the premium design of Galapagos Smart Pilot, which combines an outstanding elegance and a remarkable efficiency. With a unique thermofluid heating principle, Galapagos Smart Pilot radiator brings you, instantaneously, a gentle warmth and cosy comfort!

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With Galapagos Smart Pilot gentle heat radiator, Atlantic has reached the perfect balance between effectiveness and style.

Galapagos Smart Pilot is based on an thermofluid heating technology. It combines a sheathed heating element immersed in a heat conducting fluid with an aluminum front panel and internal plates.

This ensures an even, constant and healthy heat diffusion for a perfect comfort (similar to a central heating). The smart functions it is equipped with ensure substantial energy savings.

If you are looking for a stylish and effective radiator, Galapagos Smart Pilot is an excellent alternative.

Galapagos Smart Pilot is a modern appliance with beautiful curved lines. Silent and easy to install, it blends perfectly into anyone's home with an impressive elegance.

Galapagos Smart Pilot has a number of great features:

Through Smart function, the appliance learns your lifestyle and comfort requirements to drive optimal comfort and energy savings

It is also equipped with room temperature sensor, electronically controlled thermostat, anti-staining process (ASP), heating light indicator, etc.

The thermofluid technology, accurate electronic thermostat and programmed modes lead to cost and energy savings.

With a practical control unit and efficient knobs, easily accessible and usable on the top side, Galapagos Smart Pilot is quite user-friendly.


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