picto Maradja Smart Pilot IO
Gentle heat radiators Maradja Smart Pilot IO
picto Maradja Smart Pilot IO

Without neglecting a premium design and pure lines, Maradja Smart Pilot IO is a real marvel of technology that will never cease to amaze you. Maradja Smart Pilot IO brings optimal warmth and comfort with considerable cost and energy savings (up to 40%).

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Up to 45% energy savings
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At Atlantic, we have achieved, in Maradja Smart Pilot IO, the perfect alliance of efficiency, elegance and cutting-edge technology.

Maradja Smart pilot IO is based on the innovative thermal inertia principle. It allows accumulating a great deal of heat in the radiator, thanks to its high-performance cast iron heating element, aluminium front panel and heating cable on the whole surface.

This brings immediate and homogeneous gentle heat diffusion for a perfect comfort. Thanks to this thermal inertia principle, long after the radiator is turned off, it will still release heat.

If you need a user-friendly, refined, smart and cost effective radiator, Maradja Smart pilot IO appears to be a very good option.

Maradja Smart pilot IO is equipped with two innovative functions:
Cozytouch allows real-time monitoring and remote control of the appliance through a smartphone or a tablet
Through Smart function, the appliance learns your lifestyle and comfort requirements to drive optimal comfort and energy savings

With its three elegant shapes available, Maradja Smart pilot IO matches everyone's interior design requirements. Easy to install and silent, Maradja Smart pilot IO is perfect for all types of rooms.

It includes presence/ absence and open/close window detectors and smart functions with memory learning of the habits parameters that will achieve major cost and energy savings.

Compatible with Cozytouch, it can be remotely controlled and monitored.

Maradja Smart pilot IO has a full range of great features such as, an electronically controlled thermostat, an energy consumption indicator, an anti-staining process (ASP), etc.


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