picto Oniris Smart Pilot IO
Gentle heat radiators Oniris Smart Pilot IO
picto Oniris Smart Pilot IO

Oniris Smart Pilot IO est un radiateur a forme mince dotée des fonctions d’économies d’énergie intelligentes.

Avec son design français haut de gamme et ses lignes épurées, Oniris est une merveille technologique qui ne cessera jamais de vous ravir. Avec ses fonctions intelligentes, Oniris vous procure une chaleur et un confort optimum et vous permet de réaliser de considérables économies de coûts et d'énergie (jusqu'à 45 %*) !

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Up to 45% energy savings
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  • Atlantic, an expert French brand, has achieved, with Oniris, the perfect alliance of efficiency, elegance and cutting-edge technology.
  • Oniris is equipped with an aluminium alloy double heating element and an aluminium front panel that work together, thanks to its smart pilot.
  • A quick responsiveness, adapted to changing life rhythms, brings fast heating and homogeneous gentle heat diffusion for a perfect comfort.
  • If you are looking for a user-friendly, refined, smart and cost-effective radiator, Oniris is an excellent choice.
  • With two elegant new and trendy slim-line designs, Oniris matches everyone's interior decoration requirements. Silent and easy to install, Oniris blends in perfectly with all types of environments.

Oniris is full of smart functions. These include:

  • detectors for temperature, presence and windows opening
  • programming and memory learning functions of the user’s lifestyle requirements

These achieve major cost and energy savings.

Oniris has a full range of additional great features, including:

  • an electronically controlled thermostat
  • an energy consumption indicator
  • an anti-staining process (ASP), etc.

*compared to a mechanical convector

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