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Gentle heat radiators Shangai Ecodomo
picto Shangai Ecodomo

With a new design and a small size, Shangai Ecodomo is well adapted for confined spaces. Thanks to multiple sensors, Shangai Ecodomo brings optimum warmth and comfort with significant cost and energy savings, by up to +30%!

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Up to 30% energy savings
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Atlantic has achieved with Shangai Ecodomo gentle heat radiator, a good balance between cost, efficiency, elegance and technology.

Shangai Ecodomo is based on an aluminium extensive diffuser and a steel front panel. Combined with smart detectors, they provide fast heating and homogeneous gentle heat diffusion for an optimum comfort.

If you are looking for a user-friendly, modern and cost-effective radiator, adapted to small spaces, Shangai Ecodomo is a good option.

Shangai Ecodomo has a classic elegant design and a small size. Silent, easy to install and to use with control knobs, Shangai Ecodomo will find its place perfectly in small rooms.

Shangai Ecodomo is full of interesting functions. It includes sensors for temperature, presence and windows opening, automatic ventilation, along with programmes that achieve great cost and energy savings.

Shangai Ecodomo has a full range of great features such as, an electronically controlled thermostat, an energy consumption indicator, an anti-staining process (ASP), etc.

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