picto Radiant heating cassettes
Industrial heating Radiant heating cassettes
picto Radiant heating cassettes

Wide range of power available (300 to 3600 W) and quite operation


Radiant heating cassettes technology is an efficient way to provide heating capability for a given area with an optimum comfort.

The cassettes operate with radiant heat from the ceiling. The temperature increase is obtained from the metal heating surface of the cassettes. Radiant heating cassettes are very reliable and ideal to be used in the following premises: gymnasiums, workshops, storage halls, etc.

These products come in two ranges:

  • Low-temperature radiant heating cassettes.
  • Medium-temperature radiant heating cassettes

LOW TEMPERATURE CASSETTES: Ideal for exhibition halls, traffic areas, multipurpose rooms ...

AVERAGE TEMPERATURE: Ideal for gyms, workshops, storage halls, multipurpose rooms ...

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