O'Pro +
O'Pro +

With O'Pro+, Atlantic has released a wide range of electric water heaters equipped with its exclusive O’Pro protection system against corrosion. The making of this sturdy, efficient and dependable medium capacity water heater has been possible thanks to our unmatched French expertise and know-how.

It has been conceived to have user-friendly operation and to fit into most spaces. Its powerful copper heating elementoffers a very effective DHW (Domestic Hot Water) production.


Exclusive passive electronic anti-corrosion system
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O'Pro+ is well-designed with its rounded lines and no visible fixation. In addition, it is fast and easy to install. O'Pro+ is available in horizontal and vertical wall mounted models.

With exclusive technologies such as O'Pro anti-corrosive system, a magnesium anode (to increase tank protection) and a new generation diamond-quality enamel (glass-lined inner tank), you can even hope for +50% tank lifetime without problem!

This water heater is user-friendly and has trouble-free operation. It is equipped with: An efficient temperature control adjustment knob (at the bottom of the tank) associated with a mechanical thermostat (integrated security), a built-in pilot light, a flat chromed thermometer and a high-efficiency water inlet. All these features allow to delivermore hot water faster without waste of energy and guarantee a perfect thermal comfort on a daily basis.

With a pressure relief valve (for safety in case of anomalies or pressure increase), a dielectric union (pipe protection from one type of corrosion), a specific lip gasket (avoids rust around the flange) and an IP 24 compliance (to prevent splashing water), O'Pro+ is highly secured. This water heater complies fully with the European standards for electrical safety and user protection.

O'Pro+ is eco-friendly thanks to a CFC-free high-density insulation foam (no greenhouse gas emission) which offers more energy savings.

We provide you with a wide range of models, layouts and power outputs so that O'Pro+matchesmost spaces and needs, from a single individual to a medium family. You will be pleased to know that it is perfectly suitable for different types of water. Atlantic O'Pro+ is powerful, efficient and reliable.

Technical Data

VOLTAGEV230 (220/240)
HEAT-UP TIME AT 60°C (Δt=50°C)1h38
DIMENSIONS Heightmm605