Steatite Slim
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Steatite Slim

Newly designed by Atlantic, Steatite Slim is a powerful, reliable, easy to use water heater. Most importantly it is fitted to perfectly integrate into your home. With a slim design and a capacity to be installed both vertically or horizontally, it will match all your interior’s configuration requirements Its unique Steatite protection technology is adapted to all types of water and guarantees a long lifetime without failure; and its powerful turbo heating will prevent any shortage of hot water and comfort!

Ceramic dry-heating element adapted to all water types
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Diamond quality enamel
The key for a long tank life
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How to install and use your water heater
Atlantic guides you to better install, use and maintain your product to ensure its long-lasting performance.
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With Steatite Slim you benefit from the expertise of a well-established French brand such as Atlantic, a thermal comfort specialist recognised worldwide.

Steatite Slim is a long-lasting, medium capacity electric domestic water heater, compatible with all types of water, even the most aggressive!

Multi-position and with a slim design, Steatite Slim can be both installed vertically and horizontally in confined spaces to easily fit in your interior.

In addition, with a powerful 2100 W turbo heating element, Steatite Slim gets you all the hot water needed almost instantaneously.

Thanks to its magnesium anode, Diamond-quality enamel and unique Steatite technology (dry ceramic heating element with enamelled steel sleeve...), your water heater has a perfect protection against corrosion and a long lifespan without problem.

Steatite Slim, with three water heater capacities (30, 50 and 80L) matches everyone's needs, from a single individual to a small family.

Steatite Slim has a slim and French design with sober and modern line, without visible fixation, to perfectly blend into your home.

It is quite easy to operate and to maintain (removable heating element without draining the tank). Fully IP 24 compliant, it follows the European standards for electrical safety and user protection.

With a highly sensitive and accurate bulb thermostat, controlled easily by a practical frontal knob and flat chromed thermometer, Steatite Slim is able to deliver more hot water and to achieve heating cost savings.

You will be happy to learn that, with a free greenhouse gas emission foam (CFC-free), Steatite Slim is an environmentally friendly water heater.

Adapted to all types of water, powerful and reliable, Steatite Slim is a great value for money.

Technical Data

VOLTAGEV230 (220/240)
HEAT-UP TIME AT 60°C (Δt=50°C)1h11
DIMENSIONS Heightmm597