picto Advanced programming : Ecoboost
Heating Technologies Advanced programming : Ecoboost
picto Advanced programming : Ecoboost

Ensuring both optimum comfort and energy savings automatically!

With Ecoboost your appliance constantly adapts the room temperature to your absence/presence for reduced energy consumption and the best comfort possible.

Another advantage of this technology is that you won't feel any shock of temperature. It is made to have smooth temperature variations to guarantee your comfort.

Since Ecoboost is working automatically, it is quite user-friendly and easy to use. Everyone will benefit from having an electric panel heater fitted with it. It is particularly useful in a bedroom or a living room for customers with an ever-changing lifestyle.

« With Ecoboost on, you won’t to be concerned about setting properly your appliance. Everything is working automatically and accurately! »

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How does it work?

Ecoboost is based on 3 modes: Manual, Prog and Auto. Theses modes are associated with absence/presence and temperature sensors to constantly adapt room temperature for your comfort and energy savings.

Ecoboost step-by-step:

Manual mode generates a heating boost when you enter the room:

  • The appliance is set at the chosen temperature.
  • When you enter the room, a heat boost is generated (+1°C during 10min) to provide you with the most comfort possible.
  • After a few minutes, the appliance goes back to set temperature.

Prog mode combined with Easy prog, adapts the programmed period when you are detected:

  • You set up to 3 periods of COMFORT temperature by day (24h) on 7 days.
    • During these periods, the device is programmed to heat the room at COMFORT temperature.
    • Outside these periods, the appliance will go back to ECO temperature (absence period).
  • You enter the room during a programmed absence period (ECO temperature), the appliance detects you and automatically switches on COMFORT temperature setting.
  • You leave the room and after a few minutes the appliance goes back to programmed absence period (ECO temperature).

Auto mode automatically adapts the heating depending on your absence or presence:

  • You set-up your device at COMFORT temperature and ECO temperature.
  • You leave the room and after 30 min, the appliance reduces room temperature to ECO temperature generating energy savings.
  • You enter the room, the device goes back to COMFORT temperature for better comfort.

Lucien, advisor at Atlantic Paris for electric heating solutions: «Thanks to Ecoboost, you can achieve up to 35% energy savings compared with a mechanical convector! ».