picto Energy savings : Ecodomo heating technology
Heating Technologies Energy savings : Ecodomo heating technology
picto Energy savings : Ecodomo heating technology
Achieve energy savings

Ecodomo benefits from both presence/absence sensor and Open/closed window detection to achieve energy savings.

From COMFORT to ECO mode, Ecodomo function reduces the energy consuming when you are not present to achieve energy savings

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How does it work?

Simply set your radiator in comfort mode programming. Then, the Ecodomo technology takes up and operates automatically! 

This technology works with electronic controls that combine movement and light sensors to detect the user presence, to constantly adapt room temperature to your lifestyle.

Ecodomo technology step-by-step:

  1. The radiator is set to comfort mode with room temperature of 19 °C when you are in.
  2. You leave the room. After an hour, the appliance has progressively lowred its temperature to the eco temperature.
  3. and switches to Eco mode
  4. It maintains this temperature until you come back
  5. You come back to the room. Immediate temperature return to comfort mode you set (19 °C in this example).

Lucien, electric heating solutions advisor at Atlantic: «Thanks to the Sweetcontrol® technology, you will achieve up to 20% energy savings compared to a mechanical convector! ».

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