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picto Extensive heat panels
Working principle

Extensive heat panel heaters have two heat diffusion modes: by convection and by radiation, through an aluminium heating element located behind the front panel. Advantage: the radiation, like the sun's rays, can warm up both people and walls which can then radiate and bring prolonged warmth feeling. It allows a very precise temperature and consumption control while ensuring continuous heat diffusion.

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How does it work?

Radiant panel heaters provide straight line heat giving a pleasant sensation of heat, similar to that of sunlight.

This heating mode generates very little difference in the temperature between the floor and ceiling, which is why radiant panel heaters are ideal for living rooms and high-ceilinged rooms.

The radiant panel heaters feature an electronic digital thermostat of great accuracy (+/- 0.1°C) that ensures a uniform temperature throughout the room and increases energy savings.

As simple to install as convectors, they offer a feeling of warmth similar sunlight. Their design can very easily be integrated into all interiors.


Very uniform and direct heat distribution

A feeling of softness because radiant heating does not dry the air

Finely tuned control

Elegant design

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"Radiant heaters leave marks on the wall and over the device."

FALSE. These traces are not generated by the device, which does not burn particles. Our air is naturally "dirty", being full of particles from many sources, including pollution, cooking fat, dust, cigarette and candle smoke, and aerosols. When it is heated, a heater moves those particles in the same direction, where they can be deposit (such as around a panel). Using "ASP" (anti-dust) devices, Atlantic's radiant panel heaters can help you avoid these inconveniences.

Atlantic Recommends

To allow your radiant heating system to work best, Atlantic recommends placing it in an open area where the air and heat can circulate freely. Avoid placing it behind a door or piece of furniture or under moulding or a curtain. Radiant panels are particularly well-suited for living rooms and rooms with a high ceiling.