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picto Gentle heat radiators
Working principle

Gentle heat radiators provide you with gentle and long lasting warmth. Install it in every living area and bedroom for maximum comfort. Fitted with smart functions (smart pilot with presence, open / closed windows detection sensors, etc.), it will bring a gentle, continuous and homogeneous heat distribution. How? Thanks to thermal inertia. It is generated by a cast iron or aluminum heating element or through a heat conducting fluid. The material accumulates a great deal of heat and then releases it, long after the radiator is off, in a stable manner. The comfort is equivalent to that of a central heating system installation with cast iron radiators; only you don't need the boiler!

Gentle heat radiators
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How does it work?

Thermal inertia is a physical principle that allows you to store a large amount of heat and then gently distribute it evenly throughout the room. Inertia electric radiators can even continue to work after they are switched off, releasing heat for a period of time. Inertia must be controlled. Otherwise, it would take a long time to heat up and then continue to heat even when you are no longer in the room. Atlantic's controlled inertia solutions provide quality inertia heating, while guaranteeing the best responsiveness from your device.

There are several types of inertia radiators:

Radiators with a heating element with a heat transmitting fluid (ex. water or oil)

Radiators with a cast iron or aluminium heating element


  • Accurate control (to nearly 1/10th of a degree)
  • A feeling of well-being due to soft distribution
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Many designs to meet even the most demanding requirements
  • Long-lasting feeling of warlth

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"Electric heating is uncomfortable."

FALSE. Controlled inertia combines the qualities of radiant heating (heat that feels like sunlight) and gentle heat (even, enveloping heat distribution). Its high level of responsiveness also allows it to adjust your programming orders quickly and accurately.

"Electric heating is expensive."

FALSE. This method of heating allows you to control each of your rooms as needed. If you want 20°C in your living room during the day, but 17°C in your bedrooms, that is possible with customized and zone-based programming. For every 1°C difference in temperature, you save 7% on your bill. By controlling temperatures room by room, you can fully control your energy consumption.

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