picto Smart heating system : Smart pilot function
Heating Technologies Smart heating system : Smart pilot function
picto Smart heating system : Smart pilot function

Smartly adjusting your heating consumption to your exact need

With the Smart pilot function, the appliance automatically adapts to your lifestyle, in order to achieve both optimum comfort and maximum energy savings.

It anticipates heating according to the analysis of your needs, ensuring that the room is already at the perfect temperature when you come in.

In addition, the smart pilot function reacts to unforeseen events in order to maintain an ideal comfort.

The smart pilot function is quite user-friendly and easy to use. Everyone can benefit from having an electric panel heater fitted with it. However, people with an ever-changing lifestyle will benefit the most from this technology.

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How does it work?

By a simple touch, turn on the smart pilot function and enjoy this marvel of technology. The panel heater takes care of everything automatically.

Using the presence, windows opening and temperature sensors, it integrates advanced functionalities, in particular, the analysis and memorization of the user’s life rhythm. This includes:

  • Identification and memorization of the presence periods.
  • Fine-tuned weekly analysis.
  • Anticipating heating capability.
  • Fast reaction to changing lifestyle and unforeseen events.

« With the smart pilot function on, no need to worry about tuning properly your appliance. Everything is done automatically and accurately! »


Lucien, electric heating solutions advisor at Atlantic Paris: «With our smart pilot function, you can expect up to 45% energy savings compared to a mechanical convector! ».

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