picto Weekly programming : Easy prog
Heating Technologies Weekly programming : Easy prog
picto Weekly programming : Easy prog

The easiest way to weekly program your appliance for greater comfort and energy savings!

With Easy prog your appliance will adapt the heating to your life rhythm thanks to Prog mode and its weekly programmed periods.

Another advantage of this technology is that you won't feel any shock of temperature. It is made to have smooth temperature variations to guarantee your comfort during all programmed periods.

Easy prog allows you to program your device according to your wishes, in addition it is quite user-friendly and easy to use. Electric heating panel fitted with Easy prog will be especially useful for customers with a stable life rhythm.

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How does it work?

Easy prog is based on 2 modes: Manual and Prog. These modes are combined with a high-precision room temperature sensor for better comfort.

Easy prog step-by-step:

Manual mode allows your device to heat the room at the ideal temperature:

  • You set your appliance at the desired temperature (30°C to OFF).
  • Thanks to room temperature thermostat, the device will heat the room at the right temperature.

Prog mode allows you to program your device 24h/7, according to your life rhythm:

  • You set ECO temperature (temperature during your absence)
  • You set up to 3 periods of COMFORT temperature by day (24h) over 7 days.
  • During these periods, the device is programmed to heat the room at COMFORT temperature.
  • Outside these periods, the appliance will go back to ECO temperature (absence period).
  • You have the possibility to copy a daily programme on other days of the week.

Lucien, advisor at Atlantic Paris for electric heating solutions: «Thanks to Easy prog, you can achieve up to 25% energy savings compared with a mechanical convector! ».