Thermal comfort

Atlantic helps you make the key choices to ensure your well-being in your home

Electric heating: a gentle heat that adapting your life style

All Atlantic panel heaters provide you with a stable and homogeneous temperature in the room, and surrounding warmth, all without drying the air.

Also with smart functions (opening detector and closing windows, presence detector, consumption indicator ...), Atlantic panel heaters adapt to your lifestyle to offer a gentle and pleasant heat at the right time. A panel heater equipped with smart control functions will allow you to realize up to 45% energy savings compared to a first generation convector.

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Hot water when necessary for the whole family

Available hot water at a constant temperature at each moment is the assurance of a well-being in your everyday life. The Atlantic water heater wide ranges fit all housing configurations. For new build or renovating, whatever your budget, with an Atlantic water heater, you are guaranteed a simple water heater installation, low maintenance, exceptional longevity and operation economic safely.

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A nice healthy air to breathe

To renew the air in every room of the house that is five times more polluted than outside, opening the windows is not enough! Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, either with single stream or dual stream above is the only technical solution to constantly renew the air in your housing. It guarantees a healthy air everywhere and at any time and provides everyday comfort.

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Thermal comfort in the bathroom

In your bathroom, having to choose between warm towels out of the shower and a well-heated room! Atlantic bathroom heaters have been designed to provide warmth and comfort in the bathroom, while drying the towel, ridding them of their moisture. Atlantic bathroom heater ranges combine advanced technologies (such as Triple Comfort System), and are equipped with fans which provide a quick rise in temperatures quickly.

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