picto Forced solar water heaters working principle
Water heating technologies Forced solar water heaters working principle
picto Forced solar water heaters working principle
The best way to combine substantial savings and ecology

Solar energy is silent, free, renewable and clean. With Atlantic's solar heating systems like Solerio Optimum2, you benefit from a modern efficient solution to enjoy hot water at all time and energy savings at the same time. The energy emitted by sun, the sun's rays, is made of heat and sunlight. Both can be captured, transformed and used in your home to heat water.

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How does it work?

  1. The collectors installed on the roof, absorb the energy of the sun’s rays and release it in form of heat.
  2. This heat increases the temperature of a refrigerant fluid which flows from the collectors to a water storage tank passing through an electronic regulation station.
  3. If necessary, an electric back-up (electric boost) or exchanger connected to a boiler (hydraulic boost), then become involved to complete the production of hot water.
  4. A regulation system manages the installation and controls the pump which transfers the heat absorbed by the collectors to the heater tank. It is the real nerve center of the installation.
Step by step
  1. Solar collectors
  2. Storage tank
  3. Solar station
  4. Solar coil
  5. Electric booster resistor
  6. Cold water inlet
  7. Domestic hot water
  8. Mixer
  9. Collector temperature sensor
  10. Lower tank temperature sensor
  11. Upper tank temperature sensor
  12. Boiler booster coil
  13. Boiler: hydraulic boost