picto Water heating technologies : Diamond-quality enamel
Water heating technologies Water heating technologies : Diamond-quality enamel
picto Water heating technologies : Diamond-quality enamel
The first protection of your tank by Atlantic

The first role of enamel is to protect hot water tanks, steel sleeves (in Steatite technology...) or other elements of DHW appliances from scale deposits and rust.

A low quality tank has much higher risk to corrode and to malfunction. In that respect, to obtain the ideal thickness of enamel is very important too. Indeed, if the thickness is too thin, the corrosion will occur by dilution of enamel. If it is too important, the corrosion will occur by cracking of enamel.

It is, therefore, tremendously important to use the best possible quality of enamel in order to ensure robustness, proper operation and long life to your water heater.

The diamond-quality defines our high resistance enamel. It guarantees a long service time, without failure, of your hot water tank.

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The diamond-quality enamel refers to both our know-how on that technology and the composition of our enamel. Indeed, the zirconium contained in the enamel we use is also used to create artificial diamonds!

Loic, our DHW production and water heater technologies specialist at Atlantic: « With our diamond-quality enamel, you can rest at ease. Your water heater is perfectly protected and will have an extended service life without failure! ».« Our new generation diamond-quality enamelling ranks among the best of its kind worldwide! »

Regarding our know-how, in order to produce diamond-quality enamel, we have conceived a set of highly sophisticated procedures:

- The preparation and cleaning of the steel inner surfaces before enamelling use 30 bars shot blasting or compressed air cleaning techniques.

- The coating techniques consist in flow coating rotating process (small capacity water heaters), running ball technique (floor standing, large capacities, combi & indirect) and spray technique with pulverised electrostatic powder (medium capacities).

- The key to obtain the best enamel possible is by avoiding that the water contained in the enamel escapes suddenly, hence it is necessary to decrease its porosity. The techniques used to achieve this objective are: air jet at 60°C, steaming at 140°C and cooking at 850°C.

- In order to ensure the best possible quality, our enamel is subject to strict quality controls: during each preparation, quality control of enamel after reception (density, fineness…), for each serie, control of the enamel layer thickness after cooking and for each product, visual control of the inner tank surface before assembly.

« Atlantic has chosen an ecological solution, far safer than acid scouring, for its enamelling! »