picto Water heating technologies : O'Pro
Water heating technologies Water heating technologies : O'Pro
picto Water heating technologies : O'Pro
Atlantic efficient and reliable anti-corrosion system

The O’Pro passive electronic anti-corrosion system provides a good protection and extended service life for your water heater and contributes to your comfort and savings.

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The ohmic resistor of the O’Pro technology, is a passive electronic anti-corrosion device. It balances out the electric potentials of the tank and heating element. The magnesium anode life is, therefore, considerably increased and the tank protection against corrosion is reinforced.

The exclusive O’Pro technology is a modern generation of passive electronic anti-corrosion protection for your DHW production appliance.

« Our permanent quest for technical innovation and efficiency is fully reflected in our DHW production and water heater technologies! »

The O’Pro technology guarantees that your DHW production appliance has a long service time without failure. You can even expect a +50% tank lifetime!

Aggressive waters generate corrosion, balanced waters create a natural protection for the appliance and hard waters generate large scale deposits. O'Pro technology is adapted to all! Perfect for balanced waters, it is also recommended for aggressive and hard ones.

Consequently, O'Pro is also fully part of your comfort and savings regarding DHW production.

Loic, our DHW production and water heater technologies specialist at Atlantic Paris: « With our exclusive O’Pro technology, both the life of the magnesium anode and the protection of the tank are increased! ».