picto Steatite Square Slim
Electric water heaters Steatite Square Slim
picto Steatite Square Slim

Steatite Cube – простой в использовании электрический водонагреватели кубической формы с долгим сроком службы

Модели  Steatite Сube и Steatite Cube Slim бренда «Atlantic» - это:

  • Электрические водонагреватели среднего объема, которые эффективно работают с разными типами воды, даже наиболее aгрессивными!
  • Максимальная защита от коррозии и длительный срок службы без поломок благодаря магниевому аноду, эмали Diamond - quality, а также уникальной технологии Steatite («сухой» керамический нагревательный элемент)
  • Доступныe в пяти различных объемах (от 30 до 150 литров), Steatite Cube и Steatite Cube Slim подходят как для индивидуального пользователя, так и для целой семьи.

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Diamond quality enamel
The key for a long tank life
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picto Benefits

Steatite square & slim are long-lasting, medium capacity electric water heaters, compatible with all types of water, even the most aggressive!

You will benefit from using the expertise of a recognised and well-established French brand such as Atlantic.

Thanks to its magnesium anode, Diamond-quality enamel and unique Steatite technology (dry ceramic heating element with enamelled steel sleeve...), your water heater has a perfect protection against corrosion and a long lifespan without problem.

Steatite square & slim ranges have five capacities (from 30 to 150 L), which are able to address everyone's needs, from a single individual to a medium family.

Steatite square & slim have modern lines, without visible fixation. These square-shaped water heaters with a slim version fit in all interiors and confined spaces.

Steatite square has a 2400 W boost mode allowing a faster water heating.

They are quite easy to maintain (removable heating element without draining the tank) and to operate. Fully IP 25 compliant, they follow the European standards for electrical safety and user protection.

Thanks to their high-precision thermostat, easily controlled by a practical frontal knob, Steatite square & slim are able to deliver more hot water while achieving cost savings.

Equipped with CFC-free insulation foam, these water heaters are environmentally friendly.

Adapted to all types of water, Steatite square & slim are very good choices.

picto Technical Data

VOLTAGEV230 (220/240)
HEAT-UP TIME AT 60°C (Δt=50°C)1h18
DIMENSIONS Heightmm624