F117 Design
F117 Design

F117 Design представляет собой конвектор нового поколения с утонченным французским дизайном. Благодаря широкому диапозону мощности и высокоточному термостату, F117 Design удовлетворяет любые потребности в тепле.

Конвектор F117 Design бренда «Atlantic» - это:

  • Быстрый нагрев и длительный срок службы
  • Равномерное распространение тепла для обеспечения максимального комфорта благодаря выходу воздуха в верхней части передней панели и закрытому нагревательному элементу с алюминиевым оребрением.
  • 7 моделей различной мощности

Этот надежный, простой в использовании и безопасный конвектор является разумным выбором.

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With F117 Design, an expert French brand, such as Atlantic, has conceived a fast heating and long lasting equipment.

Thanks to its upper front panel air outlet and sheathed heating element, with aluminium diffuser, F117 Design provides a fast and constant heat diffusion for an optimum comfort.

With 7 output powers, F117 Design will meet anyone's requirements. If you are looking for a reliable and safe active heat convector, F117 Design is a good value for money and a great option.

F117 Design is a modern appliance with sober lines. Easy to install on the wall, it will perfectly take place in your home. In option, a convenient standing kit with plug allows to move it everywhere as you want!

Thanks to an accurate electronic thermostat, you have a great deal of control over your energy consumption and can achieve energy savings!

F117 Design has several interesting features such as, a room temperature sensor, an anti fall-down system, programming functions (in option), etc.

It is user-friendly with a panel using accurate control knobs easily accessible and usable on its top rear side.

Finally, F117 Design is the simplest and easiest solution for room heating!

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