Atlantic brand for electric heating
Based on customer's satisfaction, the Atlantic brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and efficiency.
Cozy touch remotly controlling your appliances through a smartphone|Atlantic-comfort

Through Cozytouch technology, remotely control your appliances through your smartphone or tablet!

The slim design electric water heater Stéatite Slim | Atlantic comfort
The innovation : Atlantic new water heater STEATITE SLIM with slim and multiposition design as well as steatite technology to perfectly fit into your home and maximise comfort
Atlantic electric radiator with Maradja | Atlantic comfort
Maradja Smart Pilot IO: a large variety of remotly controlled and smart models offering gentle heat and energy savings

Atlantic innovations

Ondeo, new electric water heater, compact and design | Atlantic comfort

ONDEO electric water heater: compact and design 

Compact yet powerful and modernly designed, you will be surprised by ONDEO's efficiency.

Thanks to its exclusive O'Pro protection system, you can expect a 50% increased lifetime of its tank!

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Altis Ecoboost the new HD panel 

Energy saving HD active heat convector Altis Ecoboost | Atlantic comfort
HD panel with energy savings and heating boost

Explorer - heat pump water heater 

The heat pump water heater Explorer | Atlantic comfort

Explorer thermodynamic water heater - The optimum comfort solution: efficient, environmentally friendly.


French brand
Made in France | Atlantic comfort

Discover our movie : The "Made in France" know-how is not limited to luxury products. It's also thermal comfort.